What We Staff

Streams/Categories under the following supply vehicles:


TSPS SA Tiers 1 & 2

ProServices SA (IT)
ProServices SA (Non-IT)


Dynamic Personnel is qualified on Levels 1, 2, and 3 for each of the categories under this supply vehicle.




Stream 1: Applications Services

A.1. Application/Software Architect
A.6. Programmer/Software Developer
A.7. Programmer/Analyst
A.8. System Analyst
A.10. Test Coordinator
A.11. Tester
A.12. WEB Architect
A.13. WEB Designer
A.14. WEB Developer
A.15. Web Graphics Designer
A.16. Web Multi-media Content Consultant
A.17. Webmaster


Stream 2: Geomatics Services

G.1. Geomatics Analyst
G.2. Geomatics Specialist
G.3. GIS Applications Analyst
G.4. GIS Application Architect
G.5. GIS Data Architect
G.6. GIS Infrastructure Architect
G.7. GIS Programmer/Analyst
G.8. GIS Project Manager
G.9. GIS System Architect
G.10. GIS Web Mapping Developer
G.11. Mapping Technician


Stream 3: IM/IT Services

I.1. Data Conversion Specialist
I.2. Database Administrator
I.3. Database Analyst / IM Administrator
I.4. Database Modeller / IM Modeller
I.5. IM Architect
I.6. Network Analyst
I.9. System Administrator
I.11. Technology Architect


Stream 4: Business Services

B.1. Business Analyst
B.2. Business Architect
B.3. Business Consultant
B.4. Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialist
B.5. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Consultant
B.6. Business System Analyst
B.7. Business Transformation Architect
B.8. Call Centre Consultant
B.10. Help Desk Specialist
B.12. Network Support Specialist
B.13. Operations Support Specialist
B.14. Technical Writer


Stream 5: Project Management Services

P.1. Change Management Consultant
P.3. HR Consultant
P.4. Organizational Development Consultant
P.5. Project Executive
P.6. Project Administrator
P.7. Project Coordinator
P.8. Project Leader
P.9. Project Manager
P.10. Project Scheduler
P.11. Quality Assurance Specialist/Analyst
P.12. Risk Management Specialist
P.13 Independent IT Project Review Team Leader
P.14 Independent IT Project Reviewer

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TSPS SA Tiers 1 & 2


Stream 1: Human Resources Services Stream

1.1 Human Resources Consultant
1.2 Organizational Design and Classification Consultant
1.3 Employment Equity Consultant
1.4 Employee Relation Consultant
1.5 Compensation Consultant
1.6 HR Information System Consultant
1.8 Staffing Consultant
1.9 HR Policy Development Consultant
1.10 HR Assistant Consultant


Stream 2: Business Consulting / Change Management Stream

2.1 Business Analyst
2.3 Business Consultant
2.5 Business Process Consultant
2.6 Change Management Consultant
2.7 Needs Analysis and Research Consultant
2.8 Business Architect
2.9 Statistical Analyst
2.10 Knowledge Management Consultant
2.11 Information/Records Management/Recordkeeping Specialist
2.12 Evaluation Services Consultant
2.14 Subject Matter Expert


Stream 3: Project Management Services Stream

3.1 Project Administrator
3.3 Project Leader/Executive
3.5 Quality Assurance/Management Specialist
3.6 Risk Management Specialist
3.7 Procurement Specialist
3.8 Financial Specialist
3.9 Project Monitor
3.10 Technical Writer
3.11 Communications Consultant

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ProServices SA (IT)
ProServices SA (Non-IT)


Stream 1: Application Services

1.1. Application/Software Architect
1.6. Programmer/Software Developer
1.7. Programmer/Analyst
1.8. System Analyst
1.10. Test Coordinator
1.11. Tester
1.12. WEB Architect
1.13. WEB Designer
1.14. WEB Developer
1.15. Web Graphics Designer
1.16. Web Multi-media Content Consultant
1.17. Webmaster


Stream 2: Geomatics Services

2.1. Geomatics Analyst
2.2. Geomatics Specialist
2.3. Geographic Information System (GIS) Applications Analyst
2.4. GIS Application Architect
2.5. GIS Data Architect
2.6. GIS Infrastructure Architect
2.7. GIS Programmer/Analyst
2.8. GIS Project Manager
2.9. GIS System Architect
2.10. GIS Web Mapping Developer
2.11. Mapping Technician


Stream 3: Information Management (IM)/IT Services

3.1. Data Conversion Specialist
3.2. Database Administrator
3.3. Database Analyst
3.4. Database Modeller/IM Modeller
3.5. IM Architect
3.6. Network Analyst
3.9. System Administrator
3.11. Technology Architect


Stream 4: Business Services

4.1. Business Analyst
4.2. Business Architect
4.3. Business Consultant
4.4. Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialist
4.5. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Consultant
4.6. Business System Analyst
4.7. Business Transformation Architect
4.8. Call Centre Consultant
4.10. Help Desk Specialist
4.12. Network Support Specialist
4.13. Operations Support Specialist
4.14. Technical Writer


Stream 5: Project Management Services

5.1. Change Management Consultant
5.3. Human Resources (HR) Consultant
5.4. Organizational Development Consultant
5.5. Project Executive
5.6. Project Administrator
5.7. Project Coordinator
5.8. Project Leader
5.9. Project Manager
5.10. Project Scheduler
5.11. Quality Assurance Specialist/Analyst
5.12. Risk Management Specialist
5.13 Independent IT Project Review Team Leader
5.14 Independent IT Project Reviewer


Stream 7: Telecommunications Services
7.4. Telecommunication Technician
7.6. Telecommunication System Specialist

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Stream 8: Human Resources Services

8.1 Human Resources Consultant
8.2 Organizational Design and Classification Consultant
8.3 Employment Equity Consultant
8.4 Employee Relation Consultant
8.5 Compensation Consultant
8.6 HR Information System Consultant
8.7 Leadership Development Consultant
8.9 HR Policy Development Consultant
8.10 HR Assistant Consultant


Stream 9: Business Consulting/Change Management

9.1 Business Analyst
9.2 Business Continuity Consultant
9.3 Business Consultant
9.4 Organization Development Consultant
9.5 Business Process Consultant
9.6 Change Management Consultant
9.7 Needs Analysis and Research Consultant
9.8 Business Architect
9.9 Statistical Analyst
9.10 Knowledge Management Consultant
9.11 Information/Records Management/Recordkeeping Specialist
9.12 Evaluation Services Consultant
9.14 Subject Matter Expert


Stream 10: Project Management Services

10.1 Project Administrator
10.2 Project Manager
10.3 Project Leader/Executive
10.4 Project Planner
10.6 Risk Management Specialist
10.7 Procurement Specialist
10.8 Financial Specialist
10.11 Communications Consultant

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Stream 1 – Office Support

Clerk, Accounting
Clerk, Access to Information & Privacy (ATIP)
Clerk, Compensation
Clerk, Data Entry
Clerk, Finance
Clerk, General Office
Clerk, Human Resources
Clerk, Legal
Clerk, Library
Clerk, Mailroom
Clerk, Records Management
Clerk, Research
Desktop Publishing/Graphics
Project Administrator
Receptionist or Switchboard Operator
Secretary, Legal

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Stream 2 – Administrative Services

Administrative Services
Executive Assistant

Stream 3 – Operational Services

Building Technician
Building Superintendents
Construction Site Coordinator
General Labourer
Trade Helper
Stores Services Personnel

Stream 4 – Technical Services

Assembler and Fabricator, Electronics
Assembler, Mechanical
Computer, Application Support
Computer, Website Support
Engineer, Aerospace
Engineer, Architectural
Engineer, Biological
Engineer, Chemical
Engineer, Electrical
Engineer, Mechanical
Inspector, Electronics
Inspector, Mechanical
Interior Designer
Designing Services
Stationary Engineer and Auxiliary Equipment Operator
Technician, Architectural
Technician, Biological
Technician, Chemical
Technician, Civil Engineering
Technician, Drafting
Technician, Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Technician, Geomatics
Technician, Industrial Instrument
Technician, Mechanical Engineering
Technician, Military Vehicle
Technologist, Architectural
Technologist, Biological
Technologist, Chemical
Technologist, Civil Engineering
Technologist, Drafting
Technologist, Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Technologist, Geomatics
Technologist, Industrial Instrument
Technologist, Mechanical Engineering
Telecommunications Analyst (TCA)

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Stream 5 Professional Services

Sub-Stream 5a – Finance
Evaluation Analyst
Financial Management

Sub-Stream 5b – Procurement

Materiel Management

Sub-Stream 5c – Communications Services

Media Monitor
Writer, Technical

Sub-Stream 5d – Library Services

Library Technician

Sub-Stream 5e – Human Resources Management

Human Resources, Classification
Human Resources, Compensation
Human Resources, Employment Equity
Human Resources, General
Human Resources, Staff and Labour Relations
Human Resources, Staffing
Human Resources, Succession Planning
Organizational Design

Sub-Stream 5f – Policy and advisory Services

Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)
Official Languages
Program Administration
Risk Management
Special Advisor

Sub-Stream 5g – Health and Scientific

Health Sciences, Epidemiologist
Scientific, Biologist
Scientific, Chemist
Scientific, Toxicologist

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